Advanced Thai Massage Workshop, 14-17 May, 2020 – Zagreb, Croatia

Advanced Thai Massage Workshop

Assessment, Sensing, Flow & Intuition

14-17 May, 2020 – Zagreb, Croatia
4 days, 20 hours – certificate course €400 *
* early registration discount available

For more information, or to register for this course, contact Davor at:
– a deposit of €100 is required to hold your place in this course – tel: (+385) 91 561 6644
You may also contact the teacher if you have questions:

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Assessment, Sensing, Flow & Intuition in traditional Thai massageThis specialized course deals with advanced techniques and concepts, and at least 90 hours of previous study and considerable practice is required. A variety of study modules focus on the following themes:

  • How to assess your clients through visual inspection, touch validation, traditional Thai element theory, and body language
  • Learn to use sensing techniques to dissipate energy blockages
  • Practice ways to cultivate graceful flow from one technique to another
  • Learn to use self-protection techniques when energy is released from clients
  • Alternative ways to work leg lines in different body positions
  • Coordinate your techniques with breath and awareness of body mechanics (ergonomics)
  • Use distraction techniques as a way to help relax your client
  • Incorporate resting poses into your sequence; …and much more.

Ova radionica je uzbudljiva, kreativna i istraživački orijentirana te otvorena za masere tajlandske masaže i kolege iz srodnih bodywork vještina. Raditi ćemo sa primaocima u sva četiri položaja ostavljajući dovoljno vremena za vježbanje i po-navljanje. Pridruži nam se na ovom zabavnom i uzbudljivom tečaju.